Microgaming The Online Software Company Wins Manx Award


The Isle of Man has given due recognition to one of its most successful industries Microgaming, the well known software developer for online gambling sites, for its contribution to the small community’s economy. This occurred as a part of the Isle of Man Newspaper Awards for 2006 which took place in Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man.

Any company that has been operating for at least two years is eligible for inclusion in the awards ceremony and Microgaming qualified to compete in the category of New Organization of the Year.
Gyles Brandreth, who is a broadcaster as well as being a former member of the British parliament, announced Microgaming’s receiving of the award and described the company as been a part of the next group of businesses destined to takeover the Island’s economy in the future and to bring it into future success.

Microgaming The Online Software Company Wins Manx AwardThe company’s Chief Executive Officer Roger Raatgever, while commenting on the award, said while reading from the award citation that Microgaming very quickly and early on, came to the realization that the Internet was more than only being a virtual representation of a brick and mortar casino room, but that it represented the possibility for a totally new playing experience and that it had the potential to bring entertain to many people and to engage their interests in a plethora of ways. Reading from the citation he went on to say that Microgaming came to the realization that in order to bring this into reality it would have to learn to evolve quickly as well as to innovate with lucky leprechaun online slots. Raatgever said that the company wants to thank all of its staff for their part that they have played in bringing about this vision and for making possible this award.

Approval Has Not Yet Come Down

There are many steps that go into bringing a casino to town and when you are dealing with international locations, you are really going to have to make sure that you follow all of the rules and restrictions that the country requires before you can move forward with bringing in your slot machines. However, it appears that the Wynn Macauâ ™s land concession in Cotai has not yet been approved even though the company released a report that said that it was. According to the company they said that there were steps that were being taken and that Wynn had fallen in the time period that would allow for them to be approved, but some felt that they were and saying that they were approved even though they were not.

However, the Secretary for Economy and Finance, Francis Tam Pak Yuen said that the casino company was speaking out of turn. Their position on the casino is that it has not been approved yet and that the slot machine company should not be making statements that appear that it has been. Yuen said that œcompanies may release their news, and the news should correspond to reality letting everyone know that they have not approved the slot machines to come in.