Australians to Gamble 1 Billion

The figures have come through recently predicting that Australians will spend nearly $1 Billion on gambling in the coming year. All of this of course will be done through illegal measures. The Gillard Government has raised its concerns regarding this issue, stating that this problem could take over the big problem they seem to be having with poker machines.

Similar to the stance taken by the US government, the Gillard Government has attempted to crack down on cyberspace gambling, before it turns into a trendy epidemic. The Gillard Government has decided to enter the internet police academy. Jenny Macklin, the Federal Families Minister held a conference recently, where she told the onlookers that they would take on online betting in the New Year at the meeting held of the State and Territory ministers.

Australians to Gamble 1 BillionAustralia has banned online gambling, except in lotteries and sport betting. But, similarly to US players, Aussie citizens are still breaking into online gambling sites like lost vegas online slots, thus, refusing to let go of their control within their own homes. It is not only the Australians that enjoy this sport. The estimated figures show that in 2010, the revenue accumulated by online gambling will spill over $30 Billion. That is $21 Billion up from 2008.
That being said, the Aussies will only bring in their $1 Billion to this giant total. So this seems that there is more illegal gambling going on in the world than most of us know! There is no epidemic in Australia. This is merely their normal wagering patterns. And compared to the other countries, which seem to be going internet gambling crazy, it seems like the Federal government is simply trying to control their people and money using scare tactics, lies and untruths!

Online Blackjack Tournament One-of-a-Kind

Online blackjack enthusiasts should take note that the world’s largest online blackjack tournament is just around the corner – Only this time there is nearly ten times the amount of jackpot winnings available. Game Account, which is widely known as a large, reputable online gaming operator, is running an ongoing internet blackjack tournament that goes by different rules than what the Casino House usually imposes.

The way the tournament works is that all online entrants are given the same size chip stack, and are dealt the same exact sequence of cards. The player with the most chips at the end of the round (meaning all the cards from the shoe have been dealt out), will move onto the next round of action and so on. In total, there are fourteen rounds of action, with each winner being instantly paid out at the culmination of winning a round. The final winner is awarded a $12,000 grand prize – not bad for online blackjack.

In the last few month alone, thousands of online casino gamblers have signed up for the tournament (which, incidentally, costs $18 per player). Bettors can enter as much as they like, building off of previous earnings – even if they have not finished the final stages. This is incentive for many, since the final tournament cash is not the only way a player can win.

Called SuperCash Triple Ace, the online tournament is expected to attract over fifteen thousand bettors all vying for some quick winnings against other casino players – much like that of online poker tournaments. Interested parties can even visit the site and play a free Flash version of the casino software requiring a minimal and seamless download. Truthfully, this one is anything but your typical online casino tournament and promotion.