Bingo Rules

When you play Bingo, your cards are selected for you virtually. You may be given a couple of cards or you have the option of choosing more. Online Bingo games utilize either a caller or a display board for the numbers. At times, your numbers are marked automatically for you.

Bingo RulesPrizes

Bingo is an exciting game—especially when your card holds the winning combination of numbers! A single line usually nets around £1.00 – £2.50 and a full house £5 – £10. Other prizes include grocery items, wine, vouchers and free passes.

In larger centers, Bingo can be played for higher stakes—an attractive, large jackpot. At times, Bingo halls are linked during a game and a large cash sum is won.

Some Bingo cards have the patterns marked and these usually fall into 3 categories:

Static Patterns—patterns cannot be moved; every square on the card has to be covered

Crazy Patterns—card can be rotated in 90-degree increments

Wild Patterns—card patterns are static but can be any place on the card

Some common patterns

Full House

Railroad Tracks

Players have a large number of unduplicated cards to choose from. Cards are printed in a series and come in books. Cards are joined with a perforated edge for easy separation. Single sheets (flyers) holding six cards can also be bought. Options are flexible and budget-friendly. Experienced players may play multiple cards; inexperienced players may be comfortable playing just one.

Playing Bingo in an online casino

Playing Bingo in an online casino can be very exciting. And you can even invite friends! When you register to play online Bingo, you can tap into promotions and a chance to win cruises, kitchen gadgets, or win extra Loyalty Points that you convert to cards. You can check out winners and winning totals and then choose from an assortment of online Bingo games.