Casino War Strategy

Casino War StrategyIt is slightly humorous to see Casino War in a land-based casino for the first time if you never knew it was such a popular casino game. And just as popular as Casino War is in the brick ‘n mortar casino, it is probably even more popular in the online casino.

The game itself has a relatively low House Edge, with large payouts on the tie side bet coming into play. And as simple as the game is, it may be surprising to know that a little bit of strategy can be implemented while playing this fun card game.

The way the betting structure works is that a single bet is made for the initial card draw. Winners are paid even money.

If a side tie-bet was made at the time of the initial wager, and the dealer and player tie, the payoff is 10 to 1 (just keep in mind the Casinos Edge on this bet is 18.7%). If there is a tie, the player has the option of making another bet equal in size to the original bet. Both bets will then be used for a traditional matchup of war between the dealer and player.

The Casinos Edge on winning at this point is 2.9%, which the player should go for. The other alternative is to not go to war and forfeit half of the initial wager. Although this might payoff some of the time, the Casinos Edge is 3.7% as opposed to the 2.9% for going to War.

Campaign to Bring in Slots Launched

With so many people pushing to get slot machines legalized in the state and that finally becoming a reality, the next inevitable step would be to expand that permission to other parts of the state. That is the hope of the on Question  campaign as they seek to expand the slot machines to other areas of the state particularly the harness racing tracks. They say that by bringing in the games to the tracks that they are going to be doing a lot of good for the state and for the tracks.

Not only will the additional slot machines be bringing in more money for the state, but they will also shore up an industry that has seen better days. This in of itself will bring in more money as well. So you have the revenue from the slot machines, and the revenue from the increased attendance at the tracks. Then you also have to look at the number of jobs that they say that the slots would bring to the state, and they are averaging hundreds of jobs would be coming in. They say that there are plenty of reasons to bring in the slots, but not any valid ones for keeping them out.

With this in mind, the group has kicked off their campaign to get the slots legalized at the tracks, and they are pushing hard to see it happen. Not only does it bring in more money, they argue, but the slot machines would keep the failing tracks open, thus savings the jobs that are in danger at those locations.