Slot Machine Hangover

Slot Machine HangoverFor those that found themselves loving the movie Hangover, there are things that you are going to want to know about it. First and foremost, they are making a sequel which will undoubtedly make fans extremely happy. Supposedly all the same guys are in it, which makes you think that if they are using the same writers and directors that they will have another sure fire hit on their hands. But what if you want more than just another movie to watch? You are in luck because the slot machine giant, International Game Technology is here to help you. They have a new slot machine that is based on the movie that fans are going to love.

IGT is known for its amazing themes and so it comes as no surprise that they might bring out this one. The company showed off their latest offering at the Global Gaming Expo this week and they had a host of slot machines for players to check out jungle jim el dorado online slots. One of the most anticipated was the Dark Knight slot machine that was based on the movie franchise of the same name. There are plenty of games to choose from this time around and players will be thrilled.

Not as exciting was the American Idol slot machine as it had all old hosts on it Simon, Ellen, and Kara, weirdly enough and was just not as much fun to play as their other slot machines are. But if you are looking for a lot of fun to play and themes that you will recognize IGT is still the brand to watch out for.

eCOGRA online casinos educated about responsible gaming

In South Africa, representatives from online casino companies from all over the World met to discuss responsible online casino gambling. The educational workshop was a great success in bring online casino reps up to date on the issue of problem gambling. Planned by eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance AKA eCOGRA, the meetings were designed to coincide with the new accountable gaming requirements the company’s board members just approved.

Probably the first of such organized workshops the online gaming industry has seen, the seminars were held to get all online casinos who have the eCOGRA seal on the same page regarding new requirements. By doing so, all eCOGRA certified online casinos will now be able to set into place the new requirements.

At the Cape Town seminar, some 40 reps from as many as 55 online casinos were present. The meeting were detailed towards preventing such hot topics as underage online casino play, the psychology of online casino players posing an addiction to game-play, and more. This is a true sign that online casinos are doing the best they can to run reputable companies. The CEO of eCOGRA told those in attendance that responsible online casino gaming is very important for operations for practicality and morality reasons. eCOGRA is setting the bar even higher with regards to honest and successful online casino playing all over the World. Look for their seal at your favorite online casino today.